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The 3rd Creativity Contest, centered around
"Luciana, the Half Goddess", has concluded.
Please congratulate our superb winners Solid and The Naiker.
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The Naiker:

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Laxius Force

Release Date: 2008
Game Engine: RPG MAKER XP


The eagerly awaited 4th episode of a RPG series known for its depth and replay value.

This game will be huge:
43 playable characters, tons of enemies, items, spells, equipments, an adventure that spans over 300
hours of playtime, packed with no less than 200+ quests. As much as all first 3 games put together!

Laxius Force is also a game where exploration pays, and pays well. Expect to discover plenty of secrets,
hidden rooms, Easter eggs and much more. You will find more secrets in this game than in most other
games available.

You will be given the possibility to join up to 12 Guilds throughout the game. Use plenty of side skills such
as Perception, Mercantile, Persuasion, Burglary and many more!

If you like games that blend together the gameplay and feel of RPG from the 16 bits era, with the
magnitude and depth of the classical PC games, Laxius Force is for you!

Plot Outline

Random and Sarah, our heroes of the past episodes, have decided to take a break after their
breathtaking and exhausting adventures.

They now live far from any form of civilisation, in a small hut surrounded by sparse woods. But
war and their enemies do not take a break.

Led by the Grand Commendanter, a mysterious, bizarre mass murderer, a plan of world domination
threatens. The Order is growing and now threatening the world balance.

It is time for the heroes to resume!


Game Designer, Character Designer, Story Writer - Indinera
Character Artist - Vince
Musician - Unikfingers
Scripter - Zeriab
Beta-tester - Karks


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